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I'm a Software Architect, API Designer, Trainer, Consultant and Sylius' Core Team Lead who loves his job.

Training & Mentoring

Whether you're looking to deepen your knowledge of APIs, Sylius, Symfony, or testing methodologies (TDD & BDD), I can help. With years of experience as a developer and educator, I can provide customized training and mentoring to help you and your team succeed. Let's chat about your goals and see how I can help you take your skills to the next level.

Consultations & Development

Look no further if you need help with a software development project and need expert help. As a consultant and developer with deep experience in eCommerce and open-source technologies, I can offer valuable insights and solutions to help your project succeed. Whether you need me to consult with your team or join your project as a developer, I'm committed to providing long-lasting enhancements to your work.

conference speeches

Are you seeking a dynamic speaker who can engage and inspire your audience? As an experienced conference speaker, I can offer insights and ideas on topics ranging from Sylius and eCommerce to software development best practices and beyond. With a focus on engaging, informative talks that connect with audiences of all levels, I'm confident I can be a valuable addition to your lineup.

About me

I am a pragmatic software developer with a strong focus on delivering value.

Throughout my career, I have specialized in eCommerce and worked extensively with the open-source Sylius framework. Since joining the project in 2014, I have played an active role in its development and maintenance and have learned the value of quality code and test-driven development.

Sylius was built with BDD and a focus on high-quality code, which has greatly influenced my design philosophy. Even after many years of working with the framework, I still find it a joy to work with, largely thanks to the rigorous testing practices underpinning its development.

Being part of the open-source community has taught me the importance of educating others, which I do through workshops and conference speeches across Europe and North America. As a consultant, I have learned that every software development choice has its price and that delivering value to clients should always be the top priority. While high-quality code and automated tests are essential for sustainable success, they should not be pursued at the expense of delivering value.

Put simply, I am a pragmatic software craftsman who values clean, quality code and automated tests and is always driven to deliver value to clients. If you have a project that could benefit from my expertise, I would be thrilled to help.

My Skills

I'm great in what I do and I'm loving it

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my stages

Over the years, you could hear me at several events. You can check out my presentations below.

Featured presentations

Things that my team & I can do for you


I started Commerce Weavers with my Partners because we believe every business deserves to succeed with its software development projects. Our team will help you achieve your goals. We also specialize in joining and boosting existing teams to ensure your project succeeds. We pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solutions and have deep expertise in Sylius, Symfony, API Platform, and more. We offer various services to help you succeed, whether you need custom development, audit, consulting, training, or mentoring. Whatever your needs, we are here to weave a plan to set you up for success. Let's weave your dreams into a reality together!

Sylius, Symfony & API Platform development

Are you seeking advanced customizations for your eCommerce project or unique business application implementations? Our team of eCommerce experts specializes in Sylius, Symfony, and API Platform, and we are always ready for a challenge. Whether you need to build a robust eCommerce platform or a complex web application, we have a proven track record of delivering advanced customizations and unique implementations. 

Audits & consulting

Has someone else delivered your project, and do you need a second opinion to approve the handover? Or are you planning a robust migration project and need expert advice on how to proceed? Our audits and consulting services are designed to provide you with the insights and guidance you need to succeed. Let us weave a comprehensive plan that will set you up for success and help you avoid potential pitfalls.

Trainings & mentoring

Are you ready to take your team's development skills to the next level? At Commerce Weavers, we're passionate about helping developers become true code craftspeople. Our training and mentoring services will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to master SOLID principles, best OOP practices, and automated testing with TDD & BDD methodologies. Let's weave some beautiful code together and see what kind of magic we can create!

why work with me

I'm pragmatic developer with an imperative to deliver value.

Top Sylius expert

Let's be honest. You can not have a better expert then me in terms of Sylius. And I personally know the few that are comparable to me.

Public record of my achievements

You can validate my work for the last few years tracking down Sylius ecosystem. From the early ShopApiPlugin and ApiTestCase development, through Sylius MVM to current project technical direction and integration of API Platform. I was responsible for all of it.


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